Thursday, August 27, 2015

Change is good

Over the past few months I have had to change my way of thinking, working out, and eating.  I realized that the prescriptions I take that have the warning "DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL" were not a suggestion. 😁😁😁 Kinda had to learn that the hard way.  I was not drinking excessive amounts just an occasional cocktail, well NO DRINKING means NO DRINKING.  So I drink lots of water, coffee, and an occasional Coke. 
Meat is not a part of my diet anymore.  It was a choice I made for accountability and personal reasons.  It is very hard giving up something that you enjoy eating.  It was an ongoing joke with Zachary about who could eat more chicken wings him or I.  I realized that I was going overboard on meat.  It has been an easy transition. Currently some of my favorite eats are fried egg whites, sweet potato hash, and of course salad. Again this is my personal opinion but I feel a lot better and have actually been running faster.
My life has been filled with negative people since I can remember.  My mother sees doom in everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.  Growing up around that day in and day out took a toll on me.  Then being a police officer for so many years, all you see is negative.  It took many times falling to rock bottom for me to see that negative thinking was why.  Instead of seeing the good, I immediately searched for the bad.  I no longer live in the past or worry about the future, because I am too busy living now.  I surround myself with happy positive people. 
This positive way of living has transformed my life in so many ways. I feel so full of life.  My running has improved so much.  This morning I ran 4 miles to the gym, took a very intense spin class (the instructor is an Ironman, I love her classes) and ran home.  My pace was 8:25 per minute which is under Boston qualifying time!!!! So I see progress and that makes me so happy. The weather has been gorgeous in Memphis.  

Have you ever stopped eating a certain food? 
Where do you live and is the weather changing there?
What is your next race?