Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Who knew? Wednesday

I am a firm believer in learning something new everyday.  So here are a few who knew facts about myself and then I have some random who knew, which are fun!!!!
Who knew?  I was in the U S Army for seven years as a Military Police Officer.
Who knew?  I was a police officer in Atlanta, GA for 15 years.
Who knew?  I have three sons 22, 21, and 12.
Who knew?  I started running because I was tired of suspects running and I could not catch them. There was nothing better than looking at a 20 year old male and saying hahaha I am almost twice your age and a female, and I still caught your ass.
Who knew?  I suffer from major depressive disorder, PTSD, and social anxiety. I am currently not depressed, lol
Who knew?  I was voted the class clown in high school, and I was super proud!!!
Who knew?  That while typing this blog I heard the schoolbus drive by and realized that Zachary was still in bed, first time for everything.
Enough about myself, here are some really interesting things that will  make you say who knew?
I did not know!!!! 
This is why I like desserts so much...
Who knew?
This makes me sad, I wish I could end people smoking especially women.
No wonder they are so slow, they are sleeping.
Who remembers teachers always saying "bring a number 2 pencil?" Maybe I wanted to bring the number 1 pencil.
All I can say on this is, why the hell would you let a cockroach get that close and why is it not dead?

I loved searching through so many facts, I feel smarter already..
Zachary's dentist appointment yesterday went great, perfect check up.  
I ran yesterday, and I felt a little sore but I'll take any progress at this point.

Do you have any interesting who knews that you want to share?
Did you know any of these facts?
How is your week going?