Saturday, September 26, 2015

Things I believe in

It is sad to think that it has taken so many years to finally come to terms with life.  I recently saw a sign that said "Be kind because everyone is fighting a battle."  I pondered over this simple sentence for a long time. At first you think sure, whatever.  
What kind of battle does a person living in a beautiful house, driving a luxury car, or travelling etc, have?
My battle is depression/PTSD. My battle is understanding what happiness is. My battle is body image.
EVERYONE IS FIGHTING A BATTLE.  Life is not easy.  Somedays life sucks. You have to have faith that everything is going to work out and it will!!!!  
Another quote that I really spent some time thinking about is from the Dalai Lama
How true is this?  How many people do you know who do this?  
A friend of mine at did a post about things she believes in and I thought what a great idea.  So here is a list of things that I believe in, no specific order.

1. Hard work ALWAYS pays off
2. My children
3. Nature is the best treatment for the blues
4. Karma - I am a firm believer in this
5. True love
6. Not taking life too seriously
7. Always say please and thank you
8. My guardian angel
9. Do not eat fake food - if it has chemicals it is fake
10. Watching the same movie many times
11. Always make eye contact - the eyes are the windows to your soul
12. Sleep I get no less than 8 hours
13. Don't write a check you cannot cash - say what you mean and back it up
14. Chocolate no need to explain
15. Never leave a loved one without saying I love you
16. Smile
17. Eating meals together
18. Generosity - give what you can
19, There is a huge difference between listening and hearing
20. Money does not equal happiness
21. Setting attainable goals
22. Faith
23. Good sports bras not need to elaborate 
24, Never forget where you came from
25. Salt
26. Peanut butter
27. In my friend, Cat, she is rocking sobriety!!!!

What are a few things you believe in?
How is your weekend going?  Perfect
What movie do you watch over and over?  The Other Woman