Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Things I am currently into

I am constantly finding new things that I fall in love with, and then I find more things, so every now and then I will make a list to share.  Sharing is caring!!!!!

1. www.jenchoosesjoy.com   I have been following her blog religiously.  Jen is a runner, blogger, and all around sweet girl.  Her blog is so fun and she always has great information.  She really is my inspiration for this blog!!!!

2. Fekkai shampoo and conditioner.  I'm using the PrX Reparatives with Argan extract.  I cannot wait to wash my hair just so I can smell it.  It has made my hair shiny, fuller, and I can smell it all day long!!!!!!

3. Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow wallflowers from Bath and Body Works.  They make me smile when I smell them!!

4. Feetures running socks.  I have been wearing Swiftwick when running and I like them, however I also discovered Feetures socks and they seem to do even better than Swiftwick as far as keeping your feet dry.  

5. Mt. Pisgah Middle School.  I don't think this one needs explaining.  

6. Spaghetti squash.  I have to confess that I did blow one of these up in the microwave, and I will never do that again.  I just bake it in the oven, scrape out the insides, add some basil, chopped tomatoes, and a little parmesan cheese.  Super healthy y'all.

7. My America's Test Kitchen Baking book.  Even though this is a cookbook, it has so much information inside that I find myself reading (which is hard for me with ADHD) it when I'm not actually baking. 

8. Bobbi Brown Telluride Eye Palette.  I love that it has seven shades, a nice mirror and a brush all inside.. I cannot wait to actually use it.

I'm super excited to try to run today, hopefully pain free, I would love to get a nice run in.  
I have to take Zachary to the dentist this morning and I am effing dreading it.  I have never seen anyone so scared of the dentist.  The thought of them having to do anything other than a cleaning is making me want to flee the country. My current thought on the dentist

Have a great Tuesday!!!!

Are you children scared of the dentist?
What are a couple things that you are absolutely in love with?
Do you have a favorite blog? What is it?