Monday, August 31, 2015

The challenge starts today, weekend wrap up

.For years, I've been contemplating cooking through an entire cookbook within a year, however never really committed. Finally, I found a cookbook which I fell in love with and I am taking the plunge. So here it is

I saw this book and fell in love.  I already own the original America's test kitchen Family Cookbook, and every recipe I have made out of it is delicious.  Baking is my thing.

So the challenge 700 recipes in 365 days. Not impossible. This book contains savory items such as bread (duh), pizza, tarts, as well as sweets. My plan is to bake the cookies on days when I have group runs at our local running store Breakaway Running.  Runners love to eat=taste testers!!!!   I will be including photos of all my baked cooks and keeping a countdown.

Saturday started with a group run at 0600 hrs with Breakaway Running.  Breakaway running host free marathon training runs in preparation for the St. Jude's marathon in December.  I met up with some of my friends who run super fast. Twelve miles at an 8:45 pace.  I kept up with them for a few miles, however fell back because I really overdid it during the week. 
I spent the rest of the day trying to stretch out some seriously tight legs muscles.

Later in the day I made some fresh corn on the cob and some cherry tomato soup.  The soup was delicious it had a very creamy texture and taste, however had no dairy. I made it using only orange and red cherry tomatoes, garlic, onion, olive oil, basil, salt and pepper.   It was so good.                    
I seriously didn't do anything on Sunday.  The weekends for me are not the same as most, because I pretty much do what I want when I want.  The only difference is getting Zachary up for school during the week which is easy. Zachary is seriously the easiest child to raise. He gets all A's in school all the time.  He is nothing like I was, which is a miracle.  I guess I got payback with my older two, lol.