Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What I do in an average day

Well my life has been so much easier the last few years.  Just a brief history of my adult life.  I decided I wanted to go to college, huge mistake, and I will leave that alone.  After my brief stint at college I decided I wanted to go into the Army.  After serving 8 years of active duty as a military police officer, and having two small children I decided that I wanted to settle down somewhere and raise them. So I got out and joined the Fulton County Police Department (Atlanta, GA).  I loved being a police officer, it was so much fun and I worked with some awesome people.  After several years there, I had my youngest son who was premature and had some major medical issues (he has outgrown all them), and I decided to stay home with him for a few years.  I have worked at another police department which I won't mention for almost six years and left on a not so good note.  It was not anything I did.

So now, I stay at home and do not have to work!!!! Most days I get up super early and read blogs and catch up on Facebook.  I also feed the birds every morning. The birds literally wait for me to feed them. After Zachary leaves for school I straighten up the house do laundry etc.
Usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I go to spinning class and do strength training.  I may also get some treadmill miles in.  All the other days I run some fast, some distance, and some hills.  I also do a PIYO workout as well.

I do live up to the stereotype of watching TV most of the day, however I am always doing something.  I enjoy cooking meals and baking.  I rarely eat meals outside of home.  I just think my food tastes so much better and Zachary does too.
It is so nice to live a stress free life, which has not been easy for me to adjust to.  Going from chaos all day to peace and quiet was a huge change.  I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.  

What does your day consist of?
Is your life chaotic/stressful?
Have you transitioned from being a full time worker to stay at home?