Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finally, I have a computer!!!

As many now I have been blogging from my IPAD, which is no easy feat.  I had a hard time picking out a laptop that I wanted.  I did not want to get one which had too many features that I would never use, yet one that was easy enough for me to navigate.
I am not going to lie I feel like a complete moron trying to figure it out.
I had no idea computers came with wine features!!
My blog today is going to be very brief because I am trying to figure everything out.
I am headed out for a quick run and then the rest of the day is going to be spent piddling around with my new computer.
Is anyone else as computer illiterate as I am?
What type of computer do you use to blog?
Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My life lately

I am currently on recipe number 40 on my quest to bake through the Americas Test Kitchen Family Baking book.  I am still enjoying it, only one disaster, actually it tasted terrific just looked horrible. The Chocolate Tunnel Cake, which turned into the Chocolate Puddle Cake.  I figured out what went wrong.  I used a Pampered Chef stoneware pan and should have used a metal one.  Who knew???

Yesterday was Mommy Monday. We went to see Hotel Transylvania 2.  It was a really good movie, we laughed a lot.
If you have young children this movie is definitely a must see.
Zachary always tries to get me to get movie concessions and I just cannot spend $6.00 for a soda.  We went to Krogers before we went to the movie he got a Dr. Pepper, I got a green apple Gatorade, two bags of the Jolly Rancher caramel apple lollipops and chapstick for $6.00.  I am trying to make him appreciate the value of  money. We did not eat all the lollipops!!!!  I could have though
 I saw somebody had posted about these lollipops.  They are crazy good!!!
I have been taking it easy running with my leg acting like a complete asshole, excuse my term but that is exactly how I feel about it.  I have tried everything.  Yesterday I just said eff it and went running.  It was a little bothersome at first but I managed to knock out five miles at an 8 minute mile.  So I am satisfied with that.  I have a race on Saturday morning which I want to PR at.  I have been going to extra spin classes each week that way my cardio does not suffer too much.  

Thanks so much for stopping by, I would appreciate any feedback good or bad. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

Things I will not miss about summer....

I needed this little reminder this morning, because sometimes I find myself pre-occupied with what everybody else is doing.  How far did they run?  What are their paces?  What are they eating?  I am trying very hard to focus on myself, because the rest really does not matter.  
I have decided to do a farewell to summer post of things I will not miss..

1. PESKY FRUITFLIES- I hate fruitflies almost to the point I want to stop buying produce.  I wash it when I get it home but they still find their way in.

2.  THE UNDERDRESSED - You know the ones I am talking about.

3.  I am ready for the HEAT to subside.
4.  Farewell to shaving every day!!!

5. Cutting grass,  I am my over it.
That is pretty much what I want to be gone for a little while.  
I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was very uneventul. I took a double spin class on Saturday.  Cut grass and did laundry yesterday.  I really wanted to see the Harvest Moon last night but it was super cloudy and we did not get a chance to see it.

Were you able to see the moon last night?  Share if you did
What is one summer thing you are over with?
What did you do this weekend?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Things I believe in

It is sad to think that it has taken so many years to finally come to terms with life.  I recently saw a sign that said "Be kind because everyone is fighting a battle."  I pondered over this simple sentence for a long time. At first you think sure, whatever.  
What kind of battle does a person living in a beautiful house, driving a luxury car, or travelling etc, have?
My battle is depression/PTSD. My battle is understanding what happiness is. My battle is body image.
EVERYONE IS FIGHTING A BATTLE.  Life is not easy.  Somedays life sucks. You have to have faith that everything is going to work out and it will!!!!  
Another quote that I really spent some time thinking about is from the Dalai Lama
How true is this?  How many people do you know who do this?  
A friend of mine at did a post about things she believes in and I thought what a great idea.  So here is a list of things that I believe in, no specific order.

1. Hard work ALWAYS pays off
2. My children
3. Nature is the best treatment for the blues
4. Karma - I am a firm believer in this
5. True love
6. Not taking life too seriously
7. Always say please and thank you
8. My guardian angel
9. Do not eat fake food - if it has chemicals it is fake
10. Watching the same movie many times
11. Always make eye contact - the eyes are the windows to your soul
12. Sleep I get no less than 8 hours
13. Don't write a check you cannot cash - say what you mean and back it up
14. Chocolate no need to explain
15. Never leave a loved one without saying I love you
16. Smile
17. Eating meals together
18. Generosity - give what you can
19, There is a huge difference between listening and hearing
20. Money does not equal happiness
21. Setting attainable goals
22. Faith
23. Good sports bras not need to elaborate 
24, Never forget where you came from
25. Salt
26. Peanut butter
27. In my friend, Cat, she is rocking sobriety!!!!

What are a few things you believe in?
How is your weekend going?  Perfect
What movie do you watch over and over?  The Other Woman

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Five

1. Chocolate Tunnel Cake = Chocolate Puddle Cake    I had such high hopes for this recipe.  Everything went as planned I baked it exactly as the book stated.  Took it out of the oven and it was beautiful.  Turned the pan over and it came right out onto the cooling rack, it was such a great feeling.  Then I took the pan off and the great feeling was running through the cooling rack onto the counter.  To make matters worse I thought I could still get a decent photo walked away for a couple minutes and my son decided to peck at it leaving craters in it.  It still tasted heavenly.

2. Did you hear that Kim Zolciak Bierman had a stroke after Dancing With the Stars? She is only 37!!!!!
I just started watching Don't Be Tardy, which is a reality show with her in it and it is so funny.  She is going to be fine, but it made me realize how grateful I am for my health. How sweet is this photo of her and her husband Kroy Bierman (plays for the Atlanta Falcons) in the hospital bed with her..

3. Pumpkin spice has gone too far. It never ceases to amaze me how much companies try to profit off of everything.  I think having a few options of pumpkin spice items is fine but here is proof that it has gone too far: 

Cat litter, dog treats, and the last one makes my stomach turn.

4. I am gettting a new computer this weekend and I am so excited, because blogging from an IPAD has not been easy.  I had a really nice laptop and I let my son borrow it.....broke it....and I never replaced it.  I am not sure which one I am going to get so I will be out today looking.  If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them :)

5. I have a race next weekend in Hernando Mississippi 10k which I was hoping to PR.  Yesterday while running that sharp pain came back in my calf.  So I am going to the doctor this morning to get some answers.  The whole moody muscle thing is not going to work this time.  However, I did walk back home from my half mile run, jumped in the shower and still made it to spin class. I call that a win.

What type of computer do you blog from? Any suggestions?
When is your next race?
Any funny baking fails?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

bakingrunner: The night I was a prostitute......(undercover)

bakingrunner: The night I was a prostitute......(undercover): I think I have mentioned that I spent almost twenty years in law enforcement.  Many of those were in the worst parts of Atlanta.  Fulton Ind...

The night I was a prostitute......(undercover)

I think I have mentioned that I spent almost twenty years in law enforcement.  Many of those were in the worst parts of Atlanta.  Fulton Industrial Boulevard for instance is the hooker capital.  Not the Pretty Woman type prostitutes either.

More like ~

First let me say that I have NO experience acting.  I had only been out of the Army for a few years.  I was in an Honor Guard unit while I was stationed at Ft. McPherson.  Pretty much I walk like a robot, still do.  I have been told recently that I walk like a police person-duh!!
I am a clean freak, my shoes have to be clean, my hair has to be in a perfect ponytail, I use lots of lotions all the things that most prostitutes don't do-I did  I was wearing a white tank top and jean shorts.  The white shirt was pristine white another big clue.
We had our briefing at the police station.  The male officers were lying on the ground like they were drunks and there were several other officers in civilian clothes parked in beat up cars. 
If someone approached me and offered money I would move my purse from one shoulder to the next.
I was so nervous-not of getting hurt-but that I would be sticking out like a sore thumb.
First car that pulls up, guy rolls down his window, looks at me and says "your a f#@*ing cop aren't you?"  I said what makes you think that next thing I heard tires squealing and he was gone. 
Seriously am I that obvious, after a quick coaching session I tried again.
Success, and no I do not want a handful of crack.
There were a few close calls, for instance, the police officer lying on the ground pretending to be drunk got attacked, he was fine.
A group of hispanic men tried to pull me into their Bronco, they all went to jail
It turned out to be so much fun.
After the paddy wagon was full, eleven people, I thought I would be so cool and make a comment.  "don't worry guys you did get f@#&ed tonight"    Why on earth did I have to say that?  It was fun but I never wanted to do it again.
I have no idea why I am even posting this.  I just want to share some of my experiences some of them are too funny not to share.

What is the scariest thing you have ever done?
Did you enjoy reading this?  Would you like to hear more true cop stories?
How is your week going?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Who knew Wednesday

Time for who knew Wednesday.  I do not know how I made it through so many years not knowing some of this stuff....
Now I know why every criminal has a copy, and they proudly display it when in court.  I always thought "it is a little too late now to be reading it."

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, this can't be right.

Never thought about this, who knew?

This is so scary,  maybe it is why people are running around so quickly.

So accurate.  Two of my favorite states PA, where I was born and raised. GA where I spent almost 20 years.  Makes perfect sense. 

Love this girl.

Did you know?  I thought they were for grip when drunk.

So far my week has been uneventful.  Other than my son, faking his way home yesterday.  He called home from school basically saying he was on his deathbed and I needed to come get him.  I get to the school a little panicked and there he is sitting looking like a million bucks.  I wanted to leave him there however I still let him come home.  One day I will learn.  You know when your kid is sick and he was NOT sick. 
I have a long run scheduled this morning and then baking chocolate cake from scratch, super exciting.

Any fun facts you want to share?
How is your week going?
Have you ever played hooky from school or work? 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Too........Tuesday and great runs

I don't know what has happened and I am surely not complaining because I have been having some great runs lately. Maybe I finally got over the excuses I was making and just sucked it up and pushed myself a little more out of my comfort zone.  I really like my comfort zone, LOL

A few weeks ago I did a too Tuesday and I really enjoyed it so I decided to do it again. 

Too funny ~ 
A little humor.

Too cute ~  
I've always said if I found a fawn while running or hiking I am taking it home.

Too much ~
Wow, if this does not say use sunscreen there is no hope for you. 

Too yummy ~
It is no secret I love seafood.  Shrimp, crab, scallops, and lobster, with butter of course.

Too expensive~

$295.00 burger at Serendipity  Le Burger  Extravagant

I hope everybody has a great Tuesday!!!!

Do you use sunscreen on a regular basis?
What do you eat too much of? 
Have you done anything pumpkin yet? 

Monday, September 21, 2015

What I did this weekend besides eat scones.

I know I have already mentioned the scones I made, but they are worthy of an encore.  They were so easy to make and I can only attribute them to two great workouts...that's my story and I am sticking to it.  
Saturday morning I could not decide if I wanted to join the trail run group or do my Saturday double spin class.  Seeing as how my trail shoes are a little outdated, I decided to do the spin class. I enjoy spin because it is what you make of it.  I don't settle for anything and if I am there for 2 hours I am going to make it worth my while.  Surprisingly I was not sore at all. 
Have you ever been in a spin class, and you see someone just casually riding like they are riding through Paris?  Meanwhile you have puddles of sweat around you.  We have a lady who actually rides with boots-with the fur.  It is quite comical because she is oblivious to the fact that you are there to work. 
The rest of Saturday was just for relaxing and watching a little more Orange is the New Black,  I only have a few more episodes to be caught up.
Sunday morning the temperatures were pretty cool.  I planned a fourteen mile run.  I had the best run.  My mind was calm, my legs felt great, my breathing was under control.  I was so relieved to have a good run and feel good afterwards.  
After I took a cold shower because I felt  too hot when I got home, I drank so much water, it was ridiculous.  A few hours later I was starving, so we decided to got to Eat Well.  I have not been to Eat Well in months.  Eat Well is a sushi buffet in Bartlett, TN.  I believe this is the best sushi place in the Memphis area.  You watch them make it, so you know it is fresh.  I ate my weight in food and drank a lot more water.  For the rest of the afternoon I could feel things start to tighten up so I went for a two mile walk later in the evening, and felt bettter.

How was your weekend? Workout? 
Do you just veg out on weekends or do you go all out?
Have you ever worked out with someone who is just there for looks?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The best cranberry orange scones EVER.

I made the perfect scones. I thought because they sound so fancy that it was going to be difficult.  Seriously they only took about 20 minutes.  I used to order the scones at Starbucks but they were kinda pricey and hit and miss on freshness.
I decided to make cranberry orange scones yesterday afternoon because they just sounded good.
The recipe called for baking powder, sugar, salt, orange zest, dried cranberries, butter (always),
heavy cream and flour.  Mix everything together.  In order to get the scone shape, you press the dough into a nine inch cake pan, and then divide it like pizza. These only needed to bake for ten minutes
They were soft, fluffy, perfection.  I will definitely be making these again. If I were to describe a scone to someone who has never tried one, it is a mildly sweet, biscuit like creation usually using a fruit to flavor it. 
Yesterday I had a short run, 4 miles, I had planned on going further but it was way too hot. This weekend is supposed to be the last heat wave here in Memphis, we shall see.
This is pretty much my plan for the weekend.

Have you ever had a scone?
What are your plans for the weekend?
Is it still hot where you live?

Friday, September 18, 2015

Five Friday questions

I enjoy questions and answers, I feel like it makes people think and some of these questions will make you do just that. 
I encourage you to take just a couple of these questions and answer back I would love to hear your response.

What is your most prized possession?
Right before my father died of cancer a few years ago he handed me these two carved fish he made. One is a crappy and one is a rainbow trout.  There is a story behind each of these fish and they mean the world to me. 

What is the last movie you watched?
I just watched Wild, last weekend, and I will probably watch it again this weekend it was so good.

What is the first thing you ate or drank today?
I had a cup of Cocounut mocha coffee this morning.

What do you have too much of?
I have way too much stemware, and I don't drink anymore.  I have packed it up and it is sitting in my garage.

Where do you find peace?
The woods is where I find peace.  I have always been a nature girl and I will always be.  I grew up in the woods.

I hope everybody is having a great week.  I hope everybody is having great runs. I hope everybody is enjoying their life.  I am!!!!

There is no school today, which means Zachary has had four day weeks the last two weeks.  I am not complaining.  We are baking today, sorry about the lack of updates.  

Please take a moment to pick a question and answer, I would love to hear your answers.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thinking out loud ~ Thankful edition

Yesterday sucked for me...I have days when everything seems impossible where if I take a shower it is a huge accomplishment. A couple years ago I was stuck in bed for days on end with depression, without going into all the details, I just wanted to die.  I got to rock bottom and learned there was a deeper level of rock bottom.  So today I have so much to be thankful for. 

Yesterday, is gone, today is my bitch!!!  

I am thankful for my children who never give up on me!!!

I am thankful for my doctors who listen to me and keep me supplied with Ambien. 

I am thankful for Prissy, she is my sunshine when skies are gray!!!

I am thankful for Pinterest. Why?  I think it is the easiest way to type in a word and there are literally thousands of motivational, inspirational, and humorous things that instantaneously lift my spirits...

I am thankful for not having to work anymore!!!!!!  This is what has ultimately changed my life the past couple years. I have simplified my life so I do not have to.  I have worked ever since I was able to work.  I went into the military when I was 18, spent the next twenty three years in law enforcement.  I was tired, I was depressed, I was just not enjoying life or my family.  Things had to change.

I am thankful that my car gets me to and from where I need to be.  I am thankful that I have good running socks and shoes.  I am thankful that I have raised my children to realize that things are just that things.  Time is the most priceless possession there is and to use it wisely.  I am thankful for peanut butter.  I am thankful that I sit here today and type this list because I never thought I would be able to sit and be happy.  I am thankful that God chose to make me live when I wanted to die.  I am thankful for my story. I am thankful that I walked away from police work and the only injuries I ever sustained were some bruises and cuts.  I am thankful that the bullets that went flying in my direction never hit me.  I am thankful that after I have put my friends through so much hell the last few years they are still by my side. I am thankful that six months ago I met my friend, Cat, who had been fighting addiction for years, is now six months clean and a friend for life.  I am thankful for an ice cold Coke after a long run.

One day I will detail my fight with depression, hopefully sometime this month because September is suicide prevention month.  The statistic that always sticks in my mind about this month is 22 Veterans will commit suicide today.  Which is 8,030 U S Veterans a year.  This is a problem.

I am thankful that my readers will not judge!!!!! 

What are a few things you are thankful for today?
Were you aware of the staggering suicide rate for U S Veterans?
Have you or a family member ever suffered from depression?