Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Still going strong day 9, check out this bread!!!!

I have a nine mile run scheduled for today.  I will run to the gym, take the hour long spin class, do a little strength and run back home.  This will be the first longer run since I had a muscle issue last week and I am praying everything goes as planned.  
I usually keep my pace at about a eight minute mile. I am trying VERY hard to get it to a seven thirty which would make me super happy!!!!
I had a mini heart attack yesterday.  It was raining and I drove to the bus stop to pick up Zachary.  The bus pulled up dropped off the kids and NO ZACHARY.  My heart sank, a million different things went through my mind. Did he fall asleep on the bus? Did he have something afterschool and I forgot? Was he hurt and I missed a phone call?  I immediately drove back to the house and as soon as I got close I see Zachary walking up the sidewalk drenched. He failed to inform me that he decided to use the other  bus stop, I was so relieved!!! 
Another day down in my baking challenge and I nailed this recipe. Rustic Italian Bread.  This seriously took all day to make.  First I had to make a sponge (really I did)  This is a "baking" sponge
It is bread flour, warm water and rapid rise yeast.  This is one bowl I was not licking!!!!  It had to sit for at least 6 hours and up to 24 hours. I was not waiting 24 hours, I do have a life. The purpose of a sponge is to "create a mildly sour and nutty flavor."  When the sponge is added to the dough, it creates a "chewier more complex flavor than breads made with unfermented commercial yeast."
In addition to the sponge I had to make another small batch of dough.
I added the sponge to the dough and let it rest for an hour and a half, turning every thirty minutes.
Finally after several hours of doughbsitting (I made that up)  I baked it.  
This is about six inches wide and eighteen inches long.  I keep amazing myself with these recipes and cannot wait to see what else I am going to make.  Seriously this is the best thing I have made hands down...
Thanks for the great comments you have been leaving it is such positive feedback and I love you all for it.
Have a great Thursday!!!

Have you ever heard of a baking sponge?  Yesterday was the first time!!!!
What is the best thing you ever cooked/baked?
Have you been sticking to your workout this week?