Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Device free Monday (AKA Mommy Monday)

Technology is great, however, I feel like it is replacing interpersonal communications, and that many people are addicted to their gadgets.
Zachary is 12, a pre-teen, and he loves video games.  He does not care about much of anything else.  You see Zachary is a naturally smart child, learning comes easy to him.  He is in several advanced classes, attends after school computer based math etc.  He is an easy child to raise.  My older two not so much, they were constantly into trouble, but they turned out great.
Last week I had a difficult time making Zachary get off the games. So we sat down and I told him he had to choose one day of the week that he would give up devices. We both agreed on Monday.

I am not going to lie, I was super excited to spend device free time with him.  I know how quick twelve years old turns into eighteen years old.  

When he got home I had decaf coffee waiting for him.  We both drank our coffee deciding on which game we were going to play first checkers or Phase 10.
We chose a movie together Click, with Adam Sandler.
We went for a nice walk since it was cooler out, talked about lots of stuff.
This afternoon was the most fun I have had in a long time...It made me realize how much we love each other. It also made me realize how mature and sensitive he is.
I am already planning what we are going to do next Monday.
Monday is my rest day from working out, so I cut the yard. We have a huge yard and I use a push mower so I did exercise a little yesterday!!!
Tomorrow I will fill you in on more of my baking adventures.  Have a great Tuesday

When you eat out at restaurants, do you spend most of the time on a device or actually talking with a real human?
How was your Monday?
Is your child more book smart than you? Mine is, and sometimes I feel really dumb.