Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My life lately

I am currently on recipe number 40 on my quest to bake through the Americas Test Kitchen Family Baking book.  I am still enjoying it, only one disaster, actually it tasted terrific just looked horrible. The Chocolate Tunnel Cake, which turned into the Chocolate Puddle Cake.  I figured out what went wrong.  I used a Pampered Chef stoneware pan and should have used a metal one.  Who knew???

Yesterday was Mommy Monday. We went to see Hotel Transylvania 2.  It was a really good movie, we laughed a lot.
If you have young children this movie is definitely a must see.
Zachary always tries to get me to get movie concessions and I just cannot spend $6.00 for a soda.  We went to Krogers before we went to the movie he got a Dr. Pepper, I got a green apple Gatorade, two bags of the Jolly Rancher caramel apple lollipops and chapstick for $6.00.  I am trying to make him appreciate the value of  money. We did not eat all the lollipops!!!!  I could have though
 I saw somebody had posted about these lollipops.  They are crazy good!!!
I have been taking it easy running with my leg acting like a complete asshole, excuse my term but that is exactly how I feel about it.  I have tried everything.  Yesterday I just said eff it and went running.  It was a little bothersome at first but I managed to knock out five miles at an 8 minute mile.  So I am satisfied with that.  I have a race on Saturday morning which I want to PR at.  I have been going to extra spin classes each week that way my cardio does not suffer too much.  

Thanks so much for stopping by, I would appreciate any feedback good or bad. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.