Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Five wish list

First things first, yesterday I told you how I had a 8 mile run planned and how my ultimate running goal was to get under 8 minutes.  Well check this out!!!
I actually ran seven miles.  I ran four miles to the gym, took a spin class (brutall), did a little strength, and ran three miles more.  I decided to enjoy myself a little and walked the last mile home. Progress!!!

MACBOOK PRO- I just love this laptop and have wanted one for a really long time.  I actually do all my blogging from my IPAD which makes it difficult with certain functions.
A NEW KITCHEN!!!!- Doing this baking challenge has made me realize how much I despise my current kitchen (this is a wish list) Something like this would suffice.

WHOLE FOODS- I would love to have a free pass to Whole Foods for the rest of my life so I did not have to pay.  Like an endless gift card. So when they tell me my three bags of groceries are $200.00, I can be this guy 

FRYE JACKIE BUTTON BOOTS-  I love these boots.  Tall boots are so diverse, they go with dresses, jeans, pretty much everything and a bonus is you can wear your compression socks under them (life of a runner) 
Go to Italy- I really want to go to Italy and try all the little coffee shops, eat pasta, and take in the scenery. I have several friends who have recently been to Italy and there phots and stories are awesome. 

A girl can dream, that is why they are wishes.  

Where is someplace you always wanted to go?
What is on your wishlist?
Whole foods? Yay or Nay?