Saturday, September 5, 2015

Essential pantry items for baking

Wow, I am so late blogging today!!! I took a two hour spin class at LA fitness and it wore me out.  The doctor said that I do not have a stress fracture just a "moody muscle."  Yes, I guess that is the clinical term. This doctor was probably more knowledgeable than mine:
Anywho, since I'm taking a day off of baking I thought I would compose a list of essential pantry items for baking, so exciting.
OBVIOUSLY, there is a reason because this was me last week
 Little did I know the following:
YEAST- There is more than one type!!!  There is an active dry yeast which is primarily used when you          
           have lots of time to let the dough rise. Also there is rapid rise yeast which of course is quicker, 
           who knew? I have both those suckers now.
FLOUR- Again, I thought all-purpose white flour was for everything as suggested in its name. There 
           are cake flour, bread flour, self rising, wheat, almond, unbleached???? I settled for the additional 
           cake and bread flour for now. I don't want a house full of weevils for God's sake.
SUGAR- If anyone knows sugar, I do and I was successful on having all the sugars on hand, yay me!!!      
            It is best to have white granulated sugar, light and dark brown sugar and confectioners.
BAKING SODA- I always have baking soda, but if you leave it opened in your pantry very long it does go 
                      stale, so I have a rotation system so when a few months passes I put the old box in the  
                      refrigerator. Kills two birds with one stone.
SALT- I love salt!! I put that sh** on EVERYTHING. I use regular table salt.
BAKING POWDER- Usually baking powder comes in a really nice resealable container and there is only
                           one type, however different brands.                                                 
VANILLA- This one is tricky because there is vanilla extract (more affordable) and pure vanilla. I prefer
               the real vanilla because, simply it's real.
SPICES- I have a ton of spices because I like to open the pantry and see all the bottles all lined up 
            perfectly. Most recipes I have come across use the usual, cinnamon, cream of tartar, allspice, 
            nutmeg, ginger.  If a recipe comes along and I don't have what is needed I just go buy the 
            smaller container.  Spices DO expire. My mom seriously is still using spices from the seventies.
CHOCOLATE CHIPS- This is really for baking and emergencies.  Baking is a no brainer.  However, ladies, 
                             have you ever just needed a chocolate fix and didn't want to get dressed or drive?
                             well, go get the chocolate chips and eat until the need goes away, I do it often.
SHORTENING- In the north we used to keep shortening in the pantry, but in the south it gets too hot, 
                     so I guess basing on where you live you could keep it in the pantry.
These are just the essentials that 99% of the recipes I have made use.  Happy saturday!!!!
I could not help myself 

Do your parents refuse to get rid of food items, because they "are still good.?"
Have you ever started making something and then realized you didn't have everything? All the time :(
What are your plans for the holiday weekend?