Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day eleven is pure heaven!!!

After going to the grocery store and stocking up on by baking essentials, 5 pounds of flour, 8 pounds of sugar, heavy whipping cream, eggs, butter (of course) chocolate chips and a few other things I came home to conquer day 11.  
I found a new brand of spices and they are bottled in these really neatly printed bottles.  
Morton&Bassett out of San Francisco.  I have not seen whole nutmeg since I was a kid so I was super excited to find these bad boys.  
I doubled up on recipes because I was feeling super productive.  
First recipe was Lemon squares.  No lie these took for ever to make and I was sweating, which made me wonder what level of fitness I am really at!!!!
The recipe called for 2/3 cup of lemon juice and 1/4 cup lemon zest.  This is where the sweating took place.  If you have never hand juiced or zested lemons this was a time consuming, making me wonder what the hell I was thinking moment. IT TOOK AN HOUR.  
First you had to compose a "crust" for the lemon filling to sit on top of which was the easiest part of this recipe.  I just combined all purpose flour, salt, powdered sugar and butter with a pastry blender and pressed it into the bottom of a pan to bake, while the filling was being made.
Look very closely you will see the hand squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest.  I am very proud of that.
Oh and lets not let the seven egg yolks plus two whole eggs not be mentioned. The filling had to be cooked over medium heat and constantly stirred.  Butter, sugar, pinch of salt, lemon juice, lemon zest, heavy cream, and a lot of eggs comprised the filling.  After it started to turn into a "gelatin like," texture I  poured it into the crust I had already made. Final product review, definitely worth the time, best lemon bars I have ever had.
I contemplated calling it a day after the lemon bars, but I had already committed to the chocolate chip recipes, plus I had a helper.  I pulled Zachary off the video games and made him help.
I have always been a Nestle tollhouse chocolate chip girl and thought there was no better.  There is better. 
Thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies.  While the end product was not thick they were awesome.
My helper really like the chocolate chips.  The hand was not part of the ingredients.  I used all purpose flour, melted butter, 1 yolk, 1whole egg, vanilla, baking soda, salt, brown and white sugar, and handless chocolate chips.  Maybe it was because extra love went into these cookies, but they will be my go to chocolate chip cookies from now on.
I used almost a pound of butter, almost a dozen eggs, and about 10 lemons.  I frozed most of the lemon bars because they will be so refereshing frozen.  It is so much fun to try new recipes.  I hope I feel the same way in about six months.  Day 11 twelve recipes down.  
Not much planned for this weekend, getting ready to go to my double spin class to work off the treats from yesterday.  I hope everybody has a great Saturday!!!

Have you ever had to juice/zest a ton of lemons? Did you sweat?
What is your favorite type of cookie? Peanut butter for me
What are you Saturday plans?