Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Peach cobbler, and a running wobbler

I headed out the door this morning ready to conquer my 11 mile run. First step in I felt a pain in my lower right leg like someone took a hammer to it.  It kept feeling sore, until I couldn't take it, I only made it one mile and wobbled home.  It's a stress fracture, I already know, but I am so stubborn that I refuse to wrap my mind around it.  How am I supposed to train now???  Headed to the doctor tomorrow. This is my present mood:

 Has anyone else heard of schools having orientation almost a month into the school year?  My son had his accelerated math class after school (where he gets mad math skills from I do not know) when a  teacher walks up to my car and says "don't forget about orientation Thursday." I am sure I had my what the f#*k look on my face, with drool running down the side of my mouth in confusion going on.  Seriously, let's break down the word orientation, orient to become familiar with, he has been in school for a freaking month.  
Day 2 baking challenge Fresh Fruit Crumble. I chose this because even though it is nearing the end of peach season, the store had some really fresh, beautiful peaches.
This was again a very simple recipe. The peaches were baked separately with cornstarch, sugar, vanilla, and lemon juice. The crumble was baked on a separate sheet so it could be broken and used as needed. The crumble used unsalted butter, brown and white sugar, white all purpose flour, salt and vanilla.  The finished product is beautiful and smells so good.
It is so exciting to create something new everyday, I am really enjoying myself and so is Zachary!!! 

Have your kids started school? Was their orientation before school started or after?
Do you do something everyday that challenges you? What?
Are you excited that apple season has started?