Friday, September 4, 2015

Question and Answer Friday

I thought it would be fun to do some question and answers to kinda break the ice. Blogging can be such an unanswered question in itself. I find myself checking to see if I've had any views or comments too frequently, I seriously think I'm going to throw a "first blog comment party." Anywho here we go!!!
Just pick a couple to answer and be honest.

What is the most physically challenging thing you have done?  Definitely Cumberland Plateau                              Stage Race, it was brutal.

Do you see to believe or believe to see? I'm a seeing is believing person.

Who did you eat dinner with last night? Zachary is my permanent dinner date.

On a scale of 1-10 how clean is your house?  10 OCD is awesome

What are three things you NEED to buy?  Coffee creamer, aluminum foil, eggs

What is one thing you take with you everywhere (non-electronic)? My smile!!!!!

What movie are you looking forward to?  Hotel Transylvania 2

What is your favorite gadget? iPad 

The store I frequent most is?  Kroger, I wish Memphis had a Trader Joes or Publix

What was the worst thing you ate today (not taste wise)? The huge chunk of cheese, before I even put                 more cheese in my grits 😁

Look at how pretty my cinnamon swirl bread turned out, and it is delicious.  362 more days of baking 697 more recipes.
                                          MY CINNAMON BREAD HAS A MUFFIN TOP

Three day weekend, Happy Friday