Monday, September 7, 2015

Butter baby and the Ambien curse

While I am baking all these wonderful treats, I am keeping up with how much stuff I use. I seriously have used 4 pounds of butter. That's a crapload of butter.  All the recipes call for unsalted butter.  I previously only used margarine because my mother said it was the same she was sooooooooo wrong!!! It makes a world of difference. I'm currently using Land O Lakes unsalted sweet butter.
Every time I use a lot of butter I always think about Julia Child saying this,
I totally agree!!!
So I knocked out peanut butter cookies which were so good,  I knew if I baked the whole batch my thighs were going to reach up and bitch slap me.  So I found this little bit of information in the book,  that said if you make the cookie balls and place them on wax paper in the freezer after they completely freeze you could bag them up for later use, genious!!!!! 
The cookbook said it grossed 24 cookies, ummmmmm it made a lot more!!! Here is a pic of the final product
 I also made banana bread, because I have too many frozen bananas,  I cannot wait to cut this sucker open.
I am not exaggerating when I say, everything I have made has been spot on.
So I cannot sleep without taking medicine.  I have tried melatonin, valerian root, over the counter sleep aids and many prescriptions with no success. So my doctor prescribed me Ambien a few months ago, and I actually fall asleep. I also have PTSD from the military and many years as a police officer in Atlanta so I have to take something to stop the nightmares.  Anywho, I know that a side effect of Ambien is doing things and not remembering.  This is so embarrassing, but I had no idea that I did it until I woke up with a big ass spoon of peanut butter in bed with me.  It was on my face, the bedding, probably on PRISSY!!!! This is PRISSY, my true love.
She loves me NO matter what and sleeps with me. Her name is fitting.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day!!!

Have you ever woke up with food in your bed?
What did you do this weekend? 
Do you use real butter or margarine?