Sunday, October 11, 2015

First time including links ~ Happy six months

I have been blogging for over a month and a half and recently got a new computer.  So I am trying to do link attachments today.  Hang in there with me as I try.  I am really just going to review some of the blogs that I am really loving.  I really love her blog and have followed it religiously.  I even met her last year at the Cumberland Plateau Stage Race.  She has great recipes, running tips, and is very involved with St. Judes Childrens Hospital  Janae is a runner from Utah with a super gorgeous daughter.  She is a very positive person with a really interesting life. This is a blog that I recently started following.  Shay writes great stories about her and her husband's adventures in home renovation and she runs as well.

These are just a few I love reading everybody's blog. If I made a list of all the blogs I love it would be over a hundred.

Ok, so now a huge shot out to my friend Cat!!!!!  I am so happy to announce that she has made it six months clean and sober.   I love me some Cat.  She is the most supportive person in my life.  I met her at the hospital when she was at a whole new level of rock bottom.  To the point she had scraped holes in her forehead on a heroin binge and did not even realize it.  She weighed about 80 pounds, and looked like a zombie.  I do not know why I felt the immediate need to support her, I never had met her before this day.  I never even tried a cigarette in my life. I have never used a drug.  I had only seen the criminal side of drug use.  The theft, burglary, possession, and other related crimes often associated with drug use.  I knew I could help her.  Let me tell you that drug use has no boundaries. It can affect rich, poor, smart, dumb, good looking, ugly etc.  I am so happy to now know  how beautiful and smart Cat is.  She is the most caring and giving person and I wish her all the joy and health that I possibly can.  Overcoming drug addiction is not easy.  I would say it is one of the hardest things there is to do. 
 It is fall break this week for Shelby County Schools.  So I have a whole week of just me and Zachary and I am pretty excited to go for walks, lunches, and watching movies.  Zachary is the most low maintenance of all my kids, maybe I am just worn out? 

I cannot wait to hear all the great race reports from Chicago, Kona, and the Army ten miler.  I have a lot of friends racing this weekend.

Were any of your friends racing this weekend?
Have you ever known somebody who was an addict?
Did the links work?  I hope so.