Monday, October 12, 2015

Five things I did this weekend

Finally watched Quantico, which is a really great show. I cannot wait for the next episode.

Celebrated a huge milestone with my car.  She officially has over 200,000 miles on her and is going strong.  This car has had two people learn to drive in it. Moved more times than I care to say. She has taken a lot of abuse from three boys. Has been my home on more than one occasion. I love my car. Sorry for the blurry photo!!
Saturday after taking a double spin class I came home and cuddled with Prissy for the remainder of the day.  It was so nice and she really enjoyed it.
I finally tried Pyro's Fire Fresh Pizza.  Only I had a salad and Zachary had a pizza which looked delicious.  You get a huge bowl of what appeared to be spring greens and then walk down a line and select your toppings.  It is not like a traditional salad bar.  They had roasted potato cubes, roasted onion, roasted tomatoes, a large selection of various meats.  I made mine with black olives, roasted onions, roasted potatoes, mixed cheese, and ranch dressing. It came with two triangle garlic rolls which were ok.

Made the best brownies ever, not from a box.  I like my brownies cake like.  Not to firm or dense. 

Sunday was my rest day for the week.  I have 10 mile runs planned each day this week and then double spin on Saturday.  Running is getting "easier" again and mostly pain free.  I still feel a little twinge of pain in my calf every now and then but it is bearable. 

I hope everybody had a great weekend.  Congrats to everyone who raced.