Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Five ~ Five races

I love to check out races that I hear about through other runners.  While it is no secret I hate hills.  I have been running mostly "rolling hill" areas lately to increase my strength.  As I look at races for next year I am looking for races that are mostly flat, Boston qualifiers, fun, and places I have not been before.  My ultimate running goal is to run Boston one day before I need a walker.  So  I have come up with a list of five which I am going to do.

I have heard nothing but good things about this marathon.  It is supposed to be a flat-fast course.  With a party like atmosphere. I have never been to Phoenix.  It is also a Boston Qualifier.

Again I have never been to Louisiana, Boston Qualifier, mostly flat course.  This race is supposed to have some crawfish and creole food at the after party.

This is a race that is actually being run this weekend.  Good luck to all my running friends wishing you a speedy race.  I really just want to run a big race to say that I did it.  I think this would really be an amazing race.  It is fairly flat with lots of crowd support. I have never been to Chicago.
This race is in Corning, New York a mostly downhill race that has the highest percentage of Boston Qualifiers.  Downhill running, is not easy and can wear you out fairly quick.  I have been to Corning, however it was when I was a child.  The finishers medal is made in Corning at the glass factory.
Portland would definitely not only be a marathon but a great vacation.  I would love move there. It actually scares me because I know if I went to Portland I would not come back to Memphis. 
I hope this was not too boring of a post.  By Friday my brain is exhausted from thinking about meals, baking, running, etc.  ADHD is real and to be quite honest I am totally effing over it.  The doctor will not give me meds to control it. I have taken family members with me to explain how it effects my life. I cannot even go to sleep at night because my brain is always going. I guess I should be thankful that the jerk gave me sleeping meds. Did you know that medicine for ADD/ADHD is the most abused prescription medication?  Soccer moms give it to there kids to calm them down into little zombies, or they take it themselves to lose weight and fulfill their motherly responsibilities?  Now people like me who have a legitimate need for it cannot get it. 
I love to add funny things, because I love to laugh and hopefully this may make others smile or laugh today. 

Wishing all my friends running races this weekend the best!!!

What races are you planning on running next year?
Do you ever get frustrated at your doctor because they don't really listen?
What are your plans for the weekend?