Thursday, October 15, 2015

Police story ~ arresting a goat ~ seriously

This photo was taken in Washington DC. I rode a bicycle with several other law enforcement officers from around the country 300 miles to raise money for the Law Enforcement Memorial Fund.  It is a yearly event that remembers law enforcement officers that were killed in the line of duty.  I was so proud to do it. 100 miles a day from Portsmouth VA to Washington DC.  As part of the event you escort family members of slain officers to their seats during the ceremony.  I could not hold back tears.
One day I was dispatched to a goat in the middle of the highway, a four lane road.  I drove around but never found it.  This went on for a couple days.  Finally, I was dispatched to the goat trying to break into businesses.  When I arrived at the business where it was I saw the suspect.  It looked similar to the above goat but really dirty and evil looking.  This goat was seriously ramming into the front of a carpet store. I really thought it was going to bust the glass, but it was the shatterproof glass thankfully.  As I approached the goat it looked at me and took off.  I think it was at this point that I actually asked myself what the hell I was supposed to do with a goat. It was not like I had any tools or training in goat wrestling.  I cornered it and it started to charge at me.  I actually took out my ASP baton and hit it as it ran towards me.  It ran into the woodline and I just figured it would go back home.
Later in the shift the goat started dodging in and out of traffic which is never good.  I think this goat was on meth.  My partner and I cornered the goat near a day care center which was closed because it was the weekend.  Some citizens pulled up because they just always have to interrupt police business.  They suggested we get the apples out of our patrol car and try to feed it.  Seriously, do people really think we carry produce in the trunk of our patrol car?  My partner decided to pepper spray it, which did not work.  It was funny to see it run around covered in orange.
I continued to chase this goat for what seemed like miles at the time.  Police gear weighs over 25 pounds.  Several other officers joined in to try to stop this nuisance goat.  Finally after two days, being struck by an ASP baton, being pepper sprayed, and almost killed in traffic we were able to get it into an enclosed area.  Unfortunately it was a car dealership, and the goat liked to ram everything. It rammed three new cars, oops!!!  We tasered the goat and it screamed like a girl and pissed itself.  Some animal control officers tied it up like a cattle and took it to a farm.  The reason it kept ramming everything was because it saw it's reflection and thought it was another goat. 
I am so glad nobody was injured and that there were no accidents.
I am thirty miles for the week so far, I have noticed the pain is coming back in my calf so I a running this evening to give it a few extra hours to rest.  Have a great day
What do you think police officers have in their trunk?
Have you almost got in an accident because of an animal?
How is your week going?

I don't know why this particular story has been on my mind.  Just thinking about it makes me laugh.