Monday, October 5, 2015

I have bloggers block

I have sit here for two hours and cannot think of anything to blog about.  Is bloggers block a real thing? 

Yesterday was National Taco Day.  I made the meat eaters in my home regular tacos.  I just had some cheese dip and chips.  Nobody like the hard shell tacos. So I pan fry flour tortillas with butter until they get slightly crispy.  They are so delicious.
Today is mommy Monday and I am trying to brainstorm ideas.  I am pretty sure we are going on an ABC nature scavenger hunt.  We used to do this when he was a toddler, but I mentioned it yesterday and he was on board.  We just go to a park with a piece of paper with the alphabet written down the side and try to find something for each letter.  Fortunately his name starts with Z so I always have that covered. 
I was randomly scrolling through the local news yesterday and how about I found an article that said they are breaking ground for a Trader Joes in Memphis. This is good for two reasons 1) I love Trader Joes 2) my son who has worked at the one in Atlanta could possibly move here!!!!
This week marks my friend Cat's six months of sobriety and I am so happy to be able to go with her to receive her six month chip. We are taking her out Saturday to celebrate.
I am currently addicted to Sour Patch kids, and have no plans on quitting.  The blue ones are my fav.
After this past weekend, I realize how much I am not looking forward to the cold temperatures.  It was in the fifties and to me it felt like below zero. 
Today is my weekly rest day from running.  I am really feeling good when I run again.  I have really missed that feeling.  I am really excited for my friends who have big races this coming weekend.  Have a great taper week

Have you ever had bloggers block?
What is your favorite candy?
Did you celebrate National Taco day?