Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hernando Water Tower 10k

I was not 100% sure I was going to run this race until about 6 am, this morning, the race started at 8 am.  Pretty last minute!!!  Want to know something even crazier it was in Mississippi and I live in Tennessee. GASP seriously I made it with about 30 minutes to spare. 

I had an off day yesterday, I was feeling depressed (not usual these days) pretty sure I posted something crazy on Facebook. Then at about 1 am this morning I got a bunch of texts from my 22 year old son that made it impossible to sleep.  First of all I was/am not the parent who repeatedly told my kids that I could not wait until they were 18 to leave.  I never wanted them to leave, EVER. When he left for the Marines I cried until I could not see, because my eyes were so swollen. Did you know crying causes dehydration?? That was me.  A year later my 21 year old left for the Army. Same scenario.  I am sure when Zachary gets that age it will be the same.  My sons are my life.  I will not say what the moron did, he is not hurt, he is home safe and I will leave it at that until a later time.

I still felt a little uneasy about my leg, I tried to run it on Thursday and the pain just would not subside.  Then I heard my friend, Amy, say "tape it."  Duh, I own KT tape but never had much luck with it.  After leaving the gym, I thought let me go to Kroger, and see if in the last 24 hours they came up with some new product that I don't own.  I saw the KT tape, but then I saw this
I mean if is good enough for Ironman's it has to be good right?  I got it and slapped it on this morning and honestly I was not very hopeful.  I am not a "pro" runner.  I do not do the whole run before the race thing.  I save my energy for the race.  I watch people warm up like that believing that they are "pro" runners. I have come to realize looks can be quite deceiving.  I stretch like one minute before the race starts while standing at the start line, I am sure I have pissed quite a few people off by doing this.  So when the gun went off I had NO idea how my leg was going to act.  First step no pain etc.  I will definitely be purchasing some more.
It was cold and windy and hilly. None of those help me.  By the end of the race I could not feel three toes on my right food, my hands were purple.  It was in the fifties, but when you have Raynauds syndrome it does not discriminate your extremities feet, hands, nose go numb then white.  Your body uses blood from those areas to keep your other more important parts warm.
I was sure not to check my Garmin during the race because I did not want to know honestly.  I felt good running.  I knew I was very close to the front which is so important to me.  When I finished and printed my results I was so excited to see 1) Second place!!! 2) under my BQ pace 3) finisher. 
This is a race I will definitely run again.  As I sit here typing this I realize that I never saw the stupid water tower~don't believe the hype. 
The finishers medal is freaking AWESOME.  The award  for placing is a cute handmade pottery tray (made in Hernando MS).   Nice long sleeve shirt for registering.
What I wore at the race!!

Nike Dri Fit tank, Nike Dri Fit shorts, Swiftwick socks, 2XU compression sleeves, I sweat sooooooo much I have to wear the super strength deodorant, Brooks Ghost shoes, and my Garmin watch. I wore a LUCY sports bra for the first time and it was awesome, and the girls approved.
Even though this was "just" a six mile race, it gave me my confidence back.  I have been down and out for over a year and this is exactly what I needed.
Did you race this weekend? Where?
What do you wear to your races?
Do you run before your race?
Has it cooled down where you live?