Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The gas station vampire who wouldn't shut up

My running goal this week is 50 miles in five days.  It looks like I am going to crush this goal.  I ran 10 yesterday.  Tuesdays is my four mile run to the gym, hour spin class (25 miles), and then run home.  I took a little stroll through the park which put me at 9 miles today.  It feels so good when you finally are over the constant nagging injuries that seem to happen all at once.
I think that I may have mentioned that I live in a not so savory area.  Pretty much all of Memphis kinda sucks.  So today I was leaving the gas station where I get my Gatorade to chug real quick, when I hear somebody screaming hey you.  I kept walking but it kept getting louder.  I turned around and there was this homeless guy.
OMG.  I never ignore people,  I try to give all I can. But this MF was absolutely ridiculous.  Let's just start with what he was wearing.  Does anybody remember Mr. T. from the A-Team?  He had rings on every finger.  He had what appeared to be a chandelier medallion hanging from his left earlobe.  He was wearing the old Army fatigue shirt which I immediately questioned him about.  He tried to tell me he was in the Army and exposed to Seron gas.  Basically he was trying to fool me into believing some bull shit that I could see right through.  He had the "crackhead"  look.  He proceeds to tell me that he won a huge amount of money and smoked it all up.  That was probably the only thing I believed he had the two teeth left up top that looked like vampire teeth.  I kept moving away from him and he kept effing talking.  I did not give him and money, however he let me know his name was Leon and he is always there.  It amazes me that people think I am so naïve.  That is how I caught so many criminals in my day.  I look completely harmless and like a regular person.  But I am not I know exactly how people like that operate.  At least I got a good laugh.  I hope he returns that huge ass glass chandelier medallion to the rightful owner. 

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here in Memphis.  I love the smell of fall and the leaves. 
I have been leaving the door opened for the breeze to blow through and it is amazing.  I hope you all have a great day and enjoy the weather.

How is your week going?  Anything exciting planned?
Have the leaves fallen where you live?  They are just starting to here
Do you speak to homeless people?  I try to give everyone a chance.