Thursday, October 8, 2015

The oldest person I ever took to jail.

When you think about old married couples you probably think about your grandparents, or the sweet commercials on TV.  Well, I did too until I got the call....
I got a call of a domestic dispute at an apartment complex.  As soon as I got there I saw an elderly gentleman carrying a 12 pack of soda into the house.  Seemed pretty harmless, right?  I approached him and asked him what was going on. He immediately drops the soda and runs into the house.  I ran after him, because I have no idea why he is running in the house.  Actually that is one of the worst feelings because you do not know if he is running to get a weapon
I followed him into the apartment he immediately goes towards the kitchen, I am so focused on him not getting a weapon at this point.  His wife was in the kitchen, he immediately just starts punching her over and over in the head.  To be honest I really thought 65 year olds were frail, well let me tell you he was a tough son of  a bitch.  Another officer showed up and we were able to get him off his wife (she was fine).
Well Mr. Senior Citizen then decided he was going to kick our asses.  My back up decides that pepper spray is a great idea.  Well pepper spray is a double edged sword unless the conditions are 100% in your favor, you are getting sprayed too.  I'm somewhat allergic to pepper spray.  I made this very clear to my officers.  Well the pepper spray got on us, the old man, it did not faze him at all.  He then continues to fight, out comes the ASP baton (retractable metal beat down stick that is what we called it)  I really just wanted this whole situation to be over at this point.  My back up strikes the man on the upper thigh and he starts to run out the door.  Finally I just tackle the mother effer.  We got him handcuffed and called an ambulance.
OK the ambulance is just protocol for pepper spray so we can make sure they are breathing fine.  I personally think that I should have been given some TLC by the hot firefighters.... 
The wife was ok, she had some swelling from before we got there, she was quite upset.  When we asked her what had happened, she talked about how this had gone on for years and she was done.  The fight started over shoes being lined up the wrong way???? Seriously, no joking.
We took him to jail. I was wondering why I never received a subpoena to go testify at his bond hearing.  Well don't you know a judge felt sorry for him and let him go home.  His wife refused to press charges, which means the assault that took place on me was also dropped. 
Things I learned this day:
Never judge a book by its cover.
Always line your shoes up neatly.
Old people can fight.
Have a great day
Have you ever seen an old person fight?
Do you and your significant other argue about silly things?
Do you think that people should get breaks because of their age? NO