Thursday, October 1, 2015

Happy October ~ This months goals

 I am so glad that September is over.  It was an up and down month for me.  I treat every new month kind of like a mini-new year.  I set new goals and try to maintain my positivity.

My first goal is to nail this 10k on Saturday.  I have been training really hard (I know it's a 10k) but I have not had what I would consider a good race in a long time. 

I am having a little get together in a week or two and I am definitely going to try this.  A goal of mine is to be a little more social so I have a few friends coming over.
I want to break 100 miles for the month running.
I want to run a Halloween themed run and actually dress up.
Bake 25 more recipes from my baking book-currently at 42.
Make these pumpkins aren't they pretty? 
Continue to work on social media-blogging-this is a hard one as I am transitioning from one device to the other and I am totally clueless at the present moment.
Go to a fall festival and have fun. 
Overall I would like to be able to enjoy things again.
Do you set new goals each month?
What are a few things you want to do this October?
Do you like orange or white pumpkins?